Here is Ally Rehmtullah's Model Auditions for AR2013

Casting Coordinator of ALLY REHMTULLA'S COLLECTION 2012 Audition Martin Kadinda explaining to the Models about what's expected of them
Some of the Male Models who showed up for the Audition...cookies!!

Female models passing infront of the judges for casting


Judges table; From right is Director of Alliance Auto, Alfred Minja representing CFAO Motors (official dealers for Mercedes Benz and the main sponsors of 'ALLY REHMTULLAH COLLECTION 2013'), Aysha  Mbarak Meghji from Ayman Garage-Convolution Ideas Ltd, Administrative Assistant of Mawalla Advocate and also a Model...  Myler Nyangasa, Owner and CEO of Missie Popular Blog Mariam Ndabagenga and last but not least, Fashion Stylist and blogger for Rosemary Kokuhilwa.

Models working it!! It's all about  "ALLY REHMTULLAH COLLECTION 2013".

It was a stiff one,especially for the male models

After a group walk, Models were set for a one on one with the judges

Marketing Manager  for CFAO Motors Tharaia Ahmed having a detailed interview with Mo'Blog Chief Editor, Lemmy Hipolite...explaining on WHY they agreed to sponsor 'ALLY REHMTULLAH COLLECTION 2013' . Mercedes Benz has been a long time sponsor of 'High Fashion Show'  worldwide,including the New York Fashion Week...and in South Africa.
Sales & Marketing Representative from RAHA Preetkamal Bansal  confirmed their participation in the event by providing a LIVE STREAM of the event through
As she said, "On the day the Jungle puts on its show Our Broadband let you watch it Live".

JudgesAysha Mbarak Meghji and Rosemary Kokuhilwa deliberating after the auditions for 'ALLY REHMTULLAH COLLECTION 2013'.
One of the best pictures of Ally he witness his baby coming to LIFE!
They came for the auditions can guess the outcome...

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  1. It looks like this Lady Rosemary Kokuhilwa, likes that handbag so much uh! (check out the Kisa's baby shower pics below) *hides face*