Lady Gaga's Extreme and Bizzare Outfits

She is a weird one...that I agree! I do not know if it's attention seeking, or just for the love of Extreme Fashion ...BUT Lady Gaga is just that person you wait to see on the red carpet of any event!! These are some of the outfits that caught my eye;
 Lets start with my all time favourite..the meat dress! Up until today,am yet to understand the idea behind this outfit...what was she trying to communicate?
 And then ...the bizzare continues
 I would really like to know how she sat down,that night!!
 Nikatie kipande cha kusugulia masufuria...plzzzz
 Maria Antoinette of the 21st century,....i believe
 One minute she is a Nun....
 The next minute she is Gothic!
 I don't want to image the look from behind that "blown" skirt!
 Yeah...crazy indeed!! Those shoes nearly broke her ankles!!
Just imagine the pain from this fall!! damn!...Well,nothing extreme comes without a little bit of PAIN...And this is Lady Gaga

Missie Popular


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