Rihanna Rubbing Shoulders?! Plus: Her Interview with Oprah

It was Oprah...now Beyonce..and again,Lady Gaga...All of these moments when we see Rihanna with other women of power in Hollywood,is so unusual! Or is it just me?
 She is one of those female celebrities that you rarely see her with the likes of Beyonce, Gaga, Nicki Minaj etc... So,this actually is a moment to look closer.
 What is Rihanna upto?....She shared her picture with Beyonce.....and this one with Gaga...Plus;
She surprised almost everyone on the interview with Oprah!! As we all expected a badass Riri,the joke was on us..From the interview, I only  see a very fragile and vulnerable young lady who makes my heart cry :((

Is Rihanna leaving the "Bad Girl" behind? Maybe it's now "Bad Girl Gone Good"...lol ...Just curious

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  1. I like Rihana's green flowery dress,..afu huyu Oprah mbona simwelewagi jamani, mara mnene kama puto mara wa kawaida, nisaidieni jamani ni menopause ama vp?

  2. that pic with Gaga is not real, they r in two different places...i hope u know that