A Red Carpet recap on MTV Music Video Awards 2012

I have not seen the show yet, but the pictures are everywhere!!...So,let's see the trending red carpet looks for this year's VMA
 Looks like color white was the trending color,this year!
 From Rihanna, to Tylor Swift and the rest...lot's of white in different designs and shape :)
 In any shade...you can still try that white, pale mint, baby pink etc...it's up to you (Do you see the poses of the legs?)

 I like this look...well, with bra on,if your baggage is as big as 34C and above ;)

 I don't know what to say about these looks...
 Especially when the wearer is NOT Nicki Minaj..bcoz for her,...well,we are used to it
 These men however....damn!! Wiz Khalifa,made my day! It's certainly a change from his former costumes...

Missie Popular


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