And the Best and Worst Dressed for "The Dress Code" Party...for the Ladies...Are......

So far, we received many comments from all of you readers...It has been fun hearing your views!! I must say, we need to do this more often ;)))

Well, from your nominations (as of 2pm, Sept 4th), The best Dressed for "The Dress Code" Party..for the drumrolls.........We have a Tie!!!
 Many of you liked Lady No. 1... commenting that her look is simple and classy,plus the neon shoes are so IN.... She got 3 Nominations
 Lady No. 5 was also nominated 3Times...with comments being,she look stylish and goes with the occasion,especially due to the peplum dress.
 Lady No. 13 was nominated since her look fits with the occasion. However, one reader pointed out that, the dress look fabulous from the front...but the back's design isn't clear.

So, we have three BEST DRESSED winners!!!

Let's go to the WORST..... ahem!!!! If you went through the comments list, there is no doubt you know the results already.... This was an anonymous nomination....the WORST DRESSED for "The Dress Code" party,for Ladies is.......

 Receiving 7 Nominations, Lady No. 2 has been awarded the WORST DRESSED prize during last weekend's 'Dress Code" party...and most of your comments have been that, her trousers look too casual and not fitting properly...and i noticed that,to many of you,her bra was the main issue. Having wearing a top that left her bra out has been mention by almost all nominees.

Moreover, there was one more category added by readers. One i forgot to mention... WARNING. Thanks to one who gave a warning to these girls,who survived the worst dressed category...

 Ladies 3 a&b were given a warning for wearing TOO SHORT outfits, and that didnt blend well with the occasion....

And there you have it....Our Best, Worst and Warned categories from the Jay Gonga "Dress Code" party....for the part of Ladies...Are you ready to see the gentlemen?! I bet you are :))

Missie Popular

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  1. jamani whats not clear on that jackie's dress?! back? likey :)