The Preps for Ally Rehmtullah's 2013 Collection

 The entrance is just a colorful village....Serena Hotel is totally changed! The ideas around this show, the designs of the show...and most of all,the mood around this's just surreal!
 Guests of this event will enjoy FREE drinks ranging from soft drink, beer and amazing cocktails from Belvedere Vodka! There are TWO huge screens set outside with some loungers for those who love outdoor lounging
 Since it's an Enchanted Jungle,the whole Runway is a beautiful Tarzan home!
Models are seen here,listening attentively to their model coordinator, Rio Paul.

This show is gonna be off the hook!! I just cant wait for all the red carpet, the runway show et al. If you are Invited, we will meet there :)

If you are NOT Invited, see you at for a LIVE Stream...Plus,all the images will reach you through our FACEBOOK PAGE and TWITTER  Account @MissiePopular.

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