Happy Born Day- Salama Jabir and Sheria Ngowi

 She is one crazy,fun and full of life kinda girl....the face behind "Mkasi" show and one hell of a judge at Epic Bongo Start Search. Thanks to Rashidijuma blog for sharing this picture of Salama Jabir having her make-up done....LMAO!
He is a gentleman by all means, owner of "Sheria Ngowi Label" and fellow blogger.
Both of these individuals have their birthday celebrations,today. Join with me to wish them a long blessed life,...and ofcause, one great birthday moment,today ;)

Happy Birthday guys...

Missie Popular


  1. Actually that photo of Salama getting her makeup done is not the property of Rashidi Juma blog, but rather taken from the Epiq Bongo Star Search Faebook page.

  2. oooooh thanks!! I saw it there today too.