From Khanga za Kale Fashion Event

Hon Sophia Simba was the guest of honor...
Dida of Times FM assisted the MC and Guest of honr in auctioning different artistic pieces made by Drug Addiction survivors...See the below arts that were auctioned

All Sponsors received a certificate of appreciation from Khanga za Kale by Fabak Fashion
Othman Michuzi of mtaakwamtaa blog receiving his award
Missie Popular Blog received one too...Hon Sophia Simba was so curious to know if she will appear in this blog
Thanks to Asya Idarous Khamsin and her Hubby who gave us a great event....Her collection was on point!
Many designers showcased their pieces, with Asya's Collection closing the show...This is Eve Collection with her model (her mom)...beautiful!!
Asya Idarous chose her models from popular names and figures like radio and TV presenters, singers, former Miss/Mr Tanzania etc, bloggers, socialites and so on... Missie Popular was one of the models too..

Stay right here as we bring the designer pieces and the Asya Idarous collection.... ;))

Images by Mtaa kwa Mtaa Blog

Missie Popular


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