MP TV Series to Watch- Scandal

 It's an American political story TV Series, starring Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope, a character created to imitate George Bush's administration assistant (Judy Smith) who fix the image of the white house and the nation's elite. Olivia Pope has a crew of "Gladiators in Suites" from all sorts of backgrounds, i.e. Lawyers, CIA assassin etc and together,they fix the difficult matters that arise
 This series is also focused on political issues that we tend to guess their existence, the likes of affairs, murders etc... And as Olivia Pope says, "Dirty Little Secrets always come out"...
 The chemistry between Olivia Pope and the President of United States of America is one of the best part of this TV program.

It's one crazy TV series and you will enjoy every bit of it....check out the trailer;

Thank me later...

Missie Popular


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