Red Carpet Make-up at REDD'S Miss Tanzania

One quick question.... how many professional make-up artists are there in Dar es Salaam? How many ladies know how to apply their own makeup and escape looking like ghosts? Take a look at these,and assist me to answer these questions;
 Matching your blush with the color of your clothes is one of the bad ideas to do...
 Whatever foundation/powder you use...make sure it is your right color...please! And these fake eye lashes are so overrated now......yuck
 Ooooooh boy! no comment not apply colorful pencil on your's so dolly-ish and comical 
 If you have a hard time finding the right make-up or if you don't have enough time to professionaly apply it, I would advice these looks. Little/Minimal or No make-up at all...well,except for the lips..apply at least lip bum and or lipstick
 Minimal eye liner does magic too....

You get the point,yes?...Okay,moving on....
Applying the right make-up for people who wear specs,it's no joke! The trick is to create a smokey eye and go shy with the eye shadow...just minimal. Your attention should be shifted to either your lips or your accessories like earrings 
Of all the Ladies i met at this event, she tops my list for the best make-up application (Am talking about those who APPLIED makeup,powder,eyeliner,lipstick...all of it!)....Her foundation is right...the eyes popping...the pink blush showing...and the lips well coated.

I hope this teaches all of us something about the right make-up for that evening red carpet event....yes?

Missie Popular


  1. well just sharing a tip! you might get the right colored foundation and powder but when it comes to the flash professional cameras produce, it shows that white ghostly face because the products used have a high SPF, look for products with SPF 15 and layering too much foundation does not make a person look any better.
    Its sad cause we have little or no qualified makeup artists for photo shoots.

  2. Its lip balm not bum and normally when we refer to foundation the word used is 'shade'.Please go through your wording.

  3. Thank you Lu, it is very true about the makeup and flash photographs...however, there are others you see the wrong foundation from by your naked's so obvious.

    Anonymous: Thanks about the terms...I still have alot to learn in this field :)