The Shoe Accident Story

Women/Ladies go through a lot of wardrobe it on the zipper, buttons, or shoes deciding to act on their own minds. So, this weekend i had a meeting with a new member joining the Missie Popular Company. While on that meeting, we got an idea of doing something at the Serena Hotel Marque, so...we decided to check out the venue. At that time, Women Empowerment seminar was in progress at the venue...and outside the marque there were stalls for shoes, Oriflame products etc.... First thing i noticed were these amazing Jessica Simpson heels that were on the stalls....Now....I was wearing some maxi print skirt and these wedges
 I love wedges,especially on a weekend. So,when these shoes (that i just wore them twice) decided to get spoiled infront of some Jessica Simpson and Steve Madden designer shoes...I was furious!
 While i was mad at the shoe, the lady on that stall was giggling with excitement of receiving a random customer.... Only to find a broke mad M.P who just needed a shoe to get her back home.
 So, I went through all her incredibly beautiful collection of heels. For 150,000 - 200,000 Tshs high heels that i never planned of buying, well,I just couldn't. At the end of it all,i bought these flat sandals for 50,000Tshs
 The lady at the stall gave me her card,and when i gave her mine...she was so excited to meet Missie Popular...I never knew she was one of my readers...
Because of that, I decided to send the word around about her business, since she can come to where you are,anytime! All you need to do is,call her numbers...and she will respond to you.

One tip though: Learn to carry some flip flops or flat sandals in your bag never know when it might happen to you...especially,when you re broke :))

Missie Popular

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  1. We dada acha kutudanganya maxi print skirt ndo nini?