Best of 2012- Ladies who made news

 2012 has been like any other year...there are those who say "it was my year" for the best...and others can't wait for it to end...However,there are those who stood out throughout this year, on various sectors/ means of achieving recognition on what they do...or by changing something in our society. Here are some of the Ladies i would like to recognize;
 Vanessa Mdee. She has been an inspiration to many youths in Tanzania,especially those in the entertainment industry. V is an MTVBase VJ, a presenter at Choice FM in Dar es Salaam...she has MCd in so many events and TV programs...and recently,she officially debut her presence in the music industry. All i can say is....Salute!
 Ritha Paulsen a.k.a Madam Ritha. She has continued to show many of us that,when you want it done,it can be done. Her project,Bongo Star Search managed to attract a new sponsor, more audience and i must say, this year she went an extra mile...the fashion in the show was just fabulous! Big Up,Madam
 She continues to represent her country all over the world. Her name is Flaviana Matata,a Tanzanian born supermodel. One thing i would like to recognize her for,is her Foundation. Through the Flaviana Matata foundation,underprivileged girls are put through schools in Tanzania, and the orphans at Tanzanian Mitindo House are taken care of. She uses her connections to help those in need,at home. Bless your heart.
 She is a runway model, a mentor to many young Tanzanian female models, a face to Tanzanite Experience company, a writer at Bang! magazine, and a blogger. Those are just the few things i know about Ellygiver Meena, and I would like to recognize her for all of her contributions in developing the Modeling Industry in Tanzania.
You can also call her,Iron Lady...this is Maria Tsehai Sarungi. The Director for Miss Universe Tanzania, the woman behind #ChangeTanzania movement on social media..a woman who speaks her mind regardless of the consequences. I have much respect for this Lady. However,my recognition for 2012 is the work she has put to make sure her Miss Universe brand is strengthened,the awareness was massive.
 From Miss Tanzania beauty to a designer...then an MC of various events and now entrepreneur. Jokate Mwegelo a.k.a Kidoti made headlines this year,for various reasons. My interest is on the launch of her new Company which features the Hair brand,  KIDOTI. The sky is no longer the limit,gal
 All ladies who know Dina Marios and her work,will understand this recognition. Breaking the barriers and bringing together women of all tribes,religion etc..into one room discuss women issues and relationships in families...she deserves a hats-off. Not many young ladies listen to Leo Tena radio program,BUT when it comes to "Women in Balance" kitchen party gala,we are all there! Thank you Dina
 For the first time in many years, Tanzanians came together and agreed on the Miss Tanzania choice of 2012. Not because we knew her...BUT because she is pretty,intelligent and connects with many of us. Briggite Alfred is Miss Tanzania 2012 and we love her.
 oooh oooh...who wasn't sad when Planet Bongo wasn't under Salama Jabir,anymore? Let me just say this; Salama is one straight, fun and a complicated person to understand. Especially when you don't like the truth to be thrown on your face...and for that, i would like to recognize her for changing the minds of our society. Running the Mkasi TV program, Salama assists us (cowards) in asking those hard questions/matters that many are afraid to explore. Keep doing what you do...
One year back,i had no idea who Mboni was. Yes,i met her in different events,BUT that was it. 2012 brought Mboni to many of our sitting room TVs,watching her Mboni Show. My recognition goes straight to the category in her show,where she assists those in need. Giving back to our communities is one thing i believe in, and i salute you for that.
 Make-up artists are in abundance,in Tanzania. Anyone with a hair salon is a make-up artist. BUT professional make-up artists are very rare, and it is an honor to recognize one that i have worked with, Edna Ndibalema a.k.a Ndibs Edna. One thing though,may you start giving lessons to those in need of the skills?
She took 2012 by storm...for less than six months, Winfrida Dominic has been in almost all media coverage. This Miss Universe Tanzania 2012 dazzles with her beauty, elegance and most of all,her "down to earth" spirit. She is that "Girl Next Door" kinda girl,hopefully that won't change as her future becomes brighter.
 Anisa is a Tanzanian designer based in South Africa, and many people do not know of her. She is doing quite good in the Fashion Industry..and this year, Anisa had the courtesy of dressing her majesty, Solange Knowles! This was an Elle SA project, and we recognize the recognition...raise the flag higher,Anisa!
Last BUT definitely not least...I would like to recognize Faraja Kota, Nancy Sumari, Rebeca Gyumi, Jokate Mwegelo and myself (of cause) for the work done this year, in assisting Tanzanian girls to obtain hostels in schools. We did an amazing job of raising funds with TEA, and we should pat ourselves on the back...

Special recognition goes to YOU my reader. First, for choosing to support this blog as your source for fashion and entertainment news, and second...for all that you have achieved this year.  A bear hug to YOU :)

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