Best of 2012: Photoshoots

 This is a review of some of the photoshoot images that we came in contact with,this 2012. They are photoshoots by Tanzanian models or brands...and we would like to send our shout-outs to them...
 Miriam Odemba is one of Tanzania's finest....and she is still doing us proud,in all her works
 The "Single Button" ad photoshoot was also one of the many images we liked
 Model Eva Isaac for Subira Wahure collection ....
 Model Belina Mgeni for Tanzania's finest female designer, Eva Collection
 If there is any person who raised the Tanzanian flag higher this year,Flaviana is among those.
This ad for   the late Steven Kanumba's  movie is among my Favorites  from him
 From "Year of a Gentleman" collection, Sheria Ngowi's photoshoots caught our eye too
Former Mr Tanzania...Mario....what an eye candy!
 The ever so beautiful and hyper...Nelly Kamwelu,Miss Universe 2011 in a photoshoot for Breast Cancer awareness
 koh koh koh..... Ali Kiba weeee....Basi sawa.
 Posing for a Teenspot magazine shoot, this is model Neema Mbuya.
 Mama Kidoti...looking all sexy and stuff...Jokate Mwegelo at her best
 A "shopaholic" themed photoshoot for Teenspot magazine...this is Lisa Jensen at Maya Vintage Boutique
Ally rehmtullah started the year with this Barbie-like colorful it!
 From Kali Elegance, this is model Macrida Joseph for their new LookBook
 Model Ajok Kuol posing for a Tanzanian jewelry brand, Heart 365 Emporium by Jacqueline Kibacha
 In case you never heard of designer, Mtani Nyamakababi...look at this image.
Ooohh my my!! our very own sexy and elegant Miss Universe Tanzania 2012,Winfrida Dominic in a photohoot styled and directed by FashionJunkii
 This has been a great year for Naseeb a.k.a Diamond Platinumz...i love the sincere laugh in this pic
Naledi at it's best....Model Neema Doreen for Kemi kalikawe's designs
Proudly a Tanzanian beauty....Miriam Odemba can leave you in awe...don't you agree?

Well,these are just some of those photoshoots images that i came case we receive more,you will see them before we end 2012 :))

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