Different Looks from Red Ribbon Fashion Gala 2012

This year the red carpet was on point! I was so happy to see men in that "RED TIE" and other red pieces to fit with the theme of the event...Here are the different looks;
 The various hair and make up styles....
 Beautiful peopleee

 Make up for specs, lipstick ideas,earrings, hair styles...

 It was all about elegance in red!...the men shined in black suits with the red tie...

 Stunning! Others chose to mix red with black...see the below;

 The colors complimented each other so well....
 And here are the men....

 African prints shined the red carpet too...with Eve Collection Designs taking a lead....

 Designers showed up to support Tanzania Mitindo House....in their own styles
 Nancy Sumari rocked this metallic illuminating dress that just looked stunning! The maroon/reddish color on the front part blended well with the event,in a different way.
 In any event,there are those who fail to adhere to the them of the event...
 No matter how good you look,we still notice that part, you are off the RED RIBBON theme...
Ooooowkay... I end it all,here.

Missie Popular


  1. nancy sumari pia hajaenda na theme kabisa wacha kumsifia kisa shoga yako... be fair bana usiogope celebs uchwara hawa

  2. shoga mbona Nancy hakuvaa red na umemsifia? acha upendeleo na shoga ako ungemweka huku chini kwa ambao hawakuvaa red na umwambia she was out of the theme of the event.

  3. Guys,chillax. That was just an overview of the various styles zilizokuwepo mle,sio fashion police...sasa ndo tunaenda kwenye hicho ki[engele..best dressed ishatoka,next...worst dressed

    Missie Popular