Meggings are in Dar!

Few months ago,i had a long discussion with some of my Twitter friends,concerning the growing fascination on Men's Leggings "Meggings". A new fashion trend that is gaining pace everyday...
 Ki-Bongo Bongo we call them skin-tights....These men leggings have been seen on runways, on red carpet and different shows by US and UK celebrities and fashion lovers

 Justin Beiber and Russel Brand are the best known for these "meggings"
 Not only do they come as can also have a version which leaves room for your "goodies" ...and tights only down your legs....
So,this megging attraction and discussions  made me wonder "who will be the first Tanzanian to rock meggings?"...Well,the answer is here....RIO PAUL!
Rocking his black meggings at the IBM 2012 Party this Friday, Rio Paul confirms the presence of meggings on our red/green/black carpet events...

What do you think of this trend? Is it Yes,please! ...or, No,Thank you....?

Missie Popular


  1. How could this photo get publicity with someone flipping a finger like that ?

  2. meggings??? thats soooo cool ... let the man show what man has .... but, thats only for real man (not for biebers)!!!

  3. Love leggings and war Thema every day. They are so comfortable. Leggings are formen and women.