Miss Universe 2012- Top Ten National Costumes

Things are getting heated up on the Miss Universe 2012 contest...after the preliminary, the race to crowning the winners is becoming even more interesting. We saw what Miss Universe Tanzania was wearing for National Costume..NOW...Let's see who made it to Top Ten on that category,according to missosology.org
 No. 10: Miss Mexico Karina Gonzalez 
 No. 9: Miss Bolivia Yessica Mouton
 No. 8: Miss Vietnam Diem Huong Luu
 No. 7: Miss Curacao Monifa Jansen
 No. 6: Miss Sri Lanka Sabrina Herft
 No.5: Miss Colombia Daniella Alvarez
 No. 4: Miss USA Olivia Culpo
 No. 3: Miss Panama Stephanie Vander Werf
 No.2: Miss China Ji Dan Xu
No. 1: Miss Brazil Gabriela Markus

What i noticed in all these is that,most of the National Costumes are creations for either paying tribute to certain figures or culture of a nation, with all of that being adorned with beauty pieces. The end product is a cultural piece that fit well with the beauty of the girl wearing it...

Miss Tanzania, Miss Universe Tanzania, Miss East Africa Tanzania, Miss Tourism Tanzania etc....be Inspired.

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