Worst Dressed Nominees from Red Ribbon Fashion Gala

This event was one of it's kind...out of all the people i saw on that red carpet, only two qualifies for Worst dressed by every definition. The rest are going to be featured in this category because of not adhering to the theme of the event.."Red Ribbon"...  
 Suspect No. 1... the dress code does not go with the event,regardless of the color theme..Yes,we can see you have a red bra,BUT who wants to see your goodies during a fundraising dinner?
 Suspect No. 2... Something is just not right.Am not sure if it's the suspenders, the maroon tie, or the over-sized shirt...BUT something just doesn't look right with this outfit.
 Suspect No. 3... beautiful dress, great leopard print purse and matching shoes...BUT...the event is a GALA DINNER... A Red Ribbon Fashion Gala,to be exact. Worse of it all, you are a designer,we expect much much more from you.
 Suspect No. 4... I heard your red dress got spoiled while ironing...that is NOT an excuse. As Miss World Africa, Miss Tanzania, Fashionista and the big name that defines you....Nobody expects you to have only one choice of a dress for an event. You look fabulous,yes...BUT not for this event
 Suspect No. 5. Elegant and classy in black and silver...yet,worst dressed nominee for Red Ribbon. Wearing Red lipstick does not qualify as adhering to the theme of this event. I actually saw a sister-dress to this, in red...at the same event...sare sare mauaa
Suspect No. 6,7,8 and 9...
Number 6,black and white body-hugging dress with polka flats with a white bow-whatever on your hair..NOT a gala dinner kinda attire. Number 7, brown looks good on you,however,this event requires a red number.  Number 8, I loove that mini dress,only if you could wear it at Swahili Fashion week instead... Number 9,brother...too casual for such a gala dinner. Did you really see the tuxedo and bow ties/red ties that decorated the event?

Guys, here are your nominees... Who gets number 1,2 or 3?

Missie Popular


  1. Wow the lady in the red bra????Seriously??? Definitely the worst dressed for me!

  2. Sorry to say this but ur the worst critic eva! Take a look at urself in a mirror n then criticize others. Nancy Sumari looks stunning. Its none of u bizz workz to knw wt went wrong wt ha dress o hw many she has reserved. Wake up ths is Africa, Tollywood to be precise not Hollywood.iiiiiiishhh