Heart 365 Emporium to start 2013 with new Collection?

 Do you remember this post? It is just over a yearbsince Heart 365 Emporium showcased in London, and a lil' bird told me,something huuuuuge is about to come,from this jewelry brand. If you never saw the first post, Heart 365 Emporium is a jewelry brand owned by a Tanzanian designer based in London.....Jacqueline Kibacha.
 She even won in the 2012 awards in London!
 Her designs have attracted many Tanzanian and International celebs! Last year alone, I met Nancy Sumary, Eskado Bird and Miriam Odemba,all rocking one of these amazing Maasai inspired ceations.
So,when i got a glimpse of what is said to be the 2013 collection,I was intrigued!...Soon you will see it all,here...promise.
Here is a clue on what to expect....Gold....Mwiba.....Elegance and ofcause,African inspired.

Missie Popular


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