Androgynous Model Andrej Pejic Covers Elle Serbia

The fashion world is full of mystery, fun, controversy, and sometimes even craziness. This is one story that will show you what i mean;

Andrej Pejic is a cross dresser that has been seen many times in the fashion industry, one male model that is sooo loved by designer Jean Gautier. Recently, Andrej grabbed a deal to appear on the cover and spreads of the prestigious Elle Magazine,in Serbia. The spreads are titled Victor Victoria....showing Andrej in two sides...i.e Andrej as a sexy beautiful girl (Female side) and at the same time,Andrej "the man"....Take a look;
 The cover shows Andrej in Jean Paul Gautier designs....
The bottom images are portraying Andrej in La Perla lingerie as a Female Version...and a rather aggressive Man,as a Male side...

 Yes....BOTH of the models in the picture is one person, Androgynous model,Andrej
 Oooohhhh that heel!! damn
Well,look closely and tell me if there is any other industry that can push boundaries like the fashion industry...

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