Ever been to Rouge?

 Rouge is a new joint that opened in late 2012, located inside Hyatt Regency,the Kilimanjaro Hotel in Dar es Salaam. I was fortunate enough to be part of the guests during the launch party,and it was on point! Ushers were these beautiful ladies dressed in Ally Rehmtullah designs....
 This talented beauty is called Caitlin...she did amazing performances of different numbers...
 The place was on fire,indeed!!
 And so,the launch was officiated by confetti bombs been initiated...and we all danced the night out.... BUT this is not what i wanted to show you...rather,the below images.
 You can tell the class of people going to a certain place,by just looking at the place itself....This is Rouge,ladies and gentlemen.
In case you just want to lounge with friends while listening to great music, this is a place to be,especially on rush hour.

2013 is the year to try different things and places,...well,at least for me....What do you think about paying a visit,try it out and share your experience? I did,and liked it ;))

Missie Popular


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