Ever Heard of "Skin Food"?

When i first heard about Skin Food,i thought it was just the use of traditional food stuff to make our own recipe for facial,hair etc. Just to realise that,there is an actual company that utilize these natural blessings to make cosmetics that are widely becoming the solution in other continents,besides Africa.
Link ( http://eng.theskinfood.com/ )
Besides the packaging (rather fancy by the way) ...everthing else sounds exactly like what we always do in many African countries. For instance, how many times have you used lemmon s cleanser? Or avocado as hair food?

Well,for this company...they went further and create eye liners, mascara, and even nail polish...
This is a sugar cookie scrub....

And as for men...well...here many products too...
All in all,my point is...Never disregard the natural recipe given by your mother,aunt,friend...since what you buy from Korea,Japan,USA etc as orgnic cosmetics...they are made by following the exact recipe....only with additional chemicals...Be Inspired

Missie Popular


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