In other news...Maybe Not.

Some events give you great pictures for the posts of that same day...others give you enough to last two the last Groove Theory with Liquideep...Here are some of the random images...don't ask me what they were all's random ;))

 When photographers stop taking pictures of the event and start clicking each other...then your event is a me!
 aaaahhhh boys will always be boys,,,,,
 At first i thought...maybe Shamim is just sharing her new products at 8020Fashions...then ...
 More started to go take a look at that iPad....Shamim,what are you hiding in there? time ntasogea
 No comment......
 In any event,there are social media volunteers ...I for one...well,i just realized,am not alone. While Liquideep was playing hard on the stage,she was updating all of you ....
 Am trying to understand the conversation here.....
 Beauties at any party,rocks. And these two did not disappoint...PEACE!
In case you were not at this is another attempt to show you how much you missed out..

Till next time, i randomly sign out..



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