Meet the First Female "Male" Model- Casey Legler

Androgynous modeling is now something worth considering,especially if you are awkwardly beautiful and the society around you is having a hard time placing you on the right gender...This is Casey Legler, a female 6'2 tall with such strong bone structure,she can pass as a boy,anytime!
 She participated at the Olympics as a swimmer,for her country France...and there after,started working on art in New York. Only one photoshoot is all it took for Ford Modals to sign her on their Male Models roster.

 She has done various shoots for adverts and campaigns....
 Has even been interviewed by TIME magazine... “It would be a really beautiful thing if we could all just wear what we wanted, without it meaning something,” she says..

 We saw Andrej the boy who models as a girl...Now I present to you Casey,who has even been signed to one of the Top Male Models Agency! Tafakari.......

Missie Popular


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