Sale! Sale! sale! - A new language for retailers?

This language has been used and misused so much in Dar es Saalam. Almost every shop in town has a SALE sign on their door or window...Is it that you are clearing your shop everyday? Is it just a language used by retailers to lure customers to their shops?

Ever gone to a shopping mall and every shop has a SALE sign? The only difference (which i think is their competition) the percentage. This shop has 30% OFF...another has 50% OFF...and that one has 70%OFF!! And i can't help BUT ask myself,how is that possible?! do you still survive after that?

A friend of mine did some shopping at Kariakoo market,and she tells me,the issue is the same there. Kitchen utensils, food stuffs, home decor..everything has a SALE sign on it...

Is this THE REAL DEAL or just another RETAILER'S LANGUAGE?

Missie Popular


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