Beyonce at the Super-Bowl

I have no clue about this Super bowl devoted to soccer...sorry. However,the ads and performances by celebrities like yesterday's Beyonce and Destiny Child's...they get my attention,alright!
 This is the message was shared by King Bey...on her Instagram account. This woman is strategic and a beauty with a purpose and brains...the way she does her things,you gotta salute her,indeed.
 Well,here is how her show went down....
 With moves coordinated in a mixture of "Single Ladies" and other Destiny Child's choreographies,it was such a wooow moment when she incorporated her performance with former group members,Kelly and Michelle.
 I have always been a #TeamKelly,i think she nailed it better than Bey and
 After such a hoooot show,Bey received a bear hug from hubby,Jay Z...backstage...
Take a look at the show in this VIDEO ....

Missie Popular


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