Inside Wema Sepetu's new office

One thing i noticed from both Wema's house and this new office is the interior design. From the wall papers to the color choices and the all scream,posh!
Today via Instagram,Wema shared this intimate images of her new office,yet to be lauched...and we all grabbed them with excitement to know more...So,what i gathered is,Wema with her new company called Endless Fame Films is about to launch this new office...
The office features a well equiped lounge where the secretary is stationed (has it's own customized rug with Wema's name)

The lighting of the office is on point with usage of modern lights and in some cases,a chandalier!

Inside Wema's personal office there is a meeting table,lounges and her desk with a Apple desktop...
You've got to appreciate her efforts,this girl has plans and strategically she accomplishes them...Big up to Wema and her team...Be Inspired

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