Introducing..... Demo Cosmetics

If you are a fashionista and love make-up,looking great with a glowing skin...this is for you. Demo cosmetics is a new shop in town,located at the new NHC  House,Samora Avenue.
It is found at the ground floor,and as you enter the building,these banners will direct you until at the door of the shop. Demo cosmetics is your one stop for quality and original beauty products from big brands like MAC, Obagi, Olay,Maybelline etc...
Everything is arranged with such class...the shop just gives you that calmness you require

Need I say more?

All types of products ranging from facial,feet products, cream, perfume and deodorants, hair name it!

Even I,have been encouraged to buy some make up and maybe...just maybe one of these days i might start rocking some lipstic,mascara and stuff like that...Pay them a visit TODAY...
You can also visit their website and/orsend in your inquiries to the email,
Thank me later....

Missie Popular


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