Meet Fuad Rajab,Tanzanian hooot Male Model

The usual male models are tall with robust shoulders,they have strong jaws and cheekbones and the six packs are inevitable...Well,Fuad is of average height,veeeery average body weight,his shoulders aren't that robust...and his jaw is of normal masculine size...however,he is an eye candy! I first saw this young man at the Ally Rehmtullah model casting for Enchanted Jungle,and one look at him,all i could say was,he has my vote!
He has one of the most beautiful eyes i have ever seen (like Daxx's)...quite amazing features that just capture people's attention.
He walked the Ally Rehmtullah's show...and it was a mark that,there is a new kid following big names in the Tanzanian Modeling Industry,when Males are concerned.

Based in Arusha,Mwanza and Dar es Salaam,Fuad has done several photoshoots for adverts,campaigns and lookbooks...but it is his personal style that attract many people to his facebook and instagram pages.
A mix of Tanzanian,Ethiopian and Sudanese is the origin of this young man...
Ladies and gentlemen,allow me to formally introduce Fuad Rajab,a Tanzanian Male model...I have a feeling we will see lots of this guy in 2013...

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  1. Am. In love already......

  2. thats ma bro ryt there.. doing it big. keep up th struggle man. allah will reward your hard work. inshallah