The Heart Truth Red Dress Runway, in New York Fashion Week

The Heart Truth is A US national campaign for women about heart disease sponsored by the National Institutes of Health. During this campaign,a fashion show with celebrities as models..takes place to showcase red dresses from different designers....
 This year.. Kris Jenner and her Jenner girls Kendal and Kylie took part on the runway show
 Kelly Osbourne was there too...
 An Oscar de la Renta dress as showcased by Minka Kelly...
 David Meister design worn by actress Chung.....Among others who graced the runway is Toni Braxton, Wendy Williams..just to mention a few...

 The aim of the event is to warm women about heart diseases which are the number one health problem for US women...and also to provide them with enough education on how to tackle the heart risk factors.

 There is more about this initiative this website
Since it is a volunteer event...I noticed that the usual backstage chaos of hair and make-up is minimized,by most of the celebrities either applying their own make-up..or arriving with their make-up already done
 Like Kylie here...doing her own make-up before gracing the runway
The Super-mom Kris Jenner couldn't take any

Anyhow...why did I decide to share this with you? We have our very own event's for worthy cause,like this one. You know of RED RIBBON FASHION GALA and LADY IN RED FASHION EVENT... all of them aims at supporting a certain part of our communities...Let's show our support to all of them,since the heart of giving is the mighty of them all...

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