For Men: Trending Color and Other Items

I seem to have neglected my male readers and am so sorry for that...Today,let's dedicate posts for our gentlemen...Fashion Week for Fall has just passed and we have seen several trends. However,there has been key details and pieces that we can not ignore for the 2013 is what you should have in your closet this year...

Sleeveless Jacket/Blazer.
Versace gives us an example of a stylish man who still retains that gentleman look with double breasted jackets/blazers for that casual look. Moreover,you might have noticed the shorts suits that come with this trend...this too is gaining momentum....

Color Blue Pieces:
Blue in all shades have been showcased this year by various designers...including these from Burberry. Metallic is so IN too,in both pastels and neon colors. And the jackets are being modified in all shapes and sizes,but one that you should grab this year is....

The Bomber Jacket:
The bomber jacket has been worn for generations BUT this year it's different. Besides giving you the smart casual look,it also comes in different pastels and even in camouflage ....Though in Tanzania,beware of the Army with your camouflage styles ;)

Color Block/Neon:
Last but surely not the color block and neon colors for men.....YES....The trend has shifted from not just ladies,but you gentlemen too,color-block and wear neon colors. It can be on your full suit, the blazer, your shoes, sunglasses, watch,or that male bag....your choice.

If you consider yourself stylish, your closet needs an item from the above list....You have been schooled ;))

Missie Popular


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