From the Premier of "Tyler Perry's Temptation: Confessions Of A Marriage Counselor"

 Tyler Perry is among my Role Models when it comes to Entrepreneurship...I admire this guy and all his efforts to create the empire he is managing now....At the premier of his new movie which is expected to hit cinemas on 29th March, Perry looked sharp on this well fitting suit
 The credits goes down to all male actors in the movie who did and looked their best
 koh koh....basi sawa....
 The Ladies.....

 And Mama Kijacho,Kim Kardashian showed up in her version of maternity wear for red carpet,and i love it!Her baby bump is growing so fast and she never looked this amazing since it started showing!
Looking forward to watching this movie in Bongo cinemas...maybe in April.....BUT heey,it's a Tyler Perry movie,not to be missed :))

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