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You must have heard the word "print" in association with many fabrics used for various outfits by both our local and International designers. There are multiple types of prints,and i think we keep making up some more names everyday, like the African prints, Animal prints, Hawaiian prints, Bohemian Prints, Floral prints, Scarf print...etc.
This trend has been in fashion for many years now and keeps evolving everyday...
In many times,fashionistaz choose to wear only one type of print per occasion,mainly to be on the safe side...However,to be stylish means to break and make your own rules...
That is where this post comes in...mixing multiple prints within one outfit. Not only it gives the wearer a unique look,it also defines you and your sense of style
"I don't know why people are always afraid of mixing prints,I think they look fabulous", said Martin Kadinda to me when I asked him about my outfit for Women's Celebration 2013.
As I once said,fashion to me is not about what is trendy but rather,how good do you feel when you wear it...and what is the difference between you and someone else who choose that same outfit?
Create your own identity,take some fashion risks...after all,it is YOU who is wearing the outfit,why not make it worth awhile for those who stares at you everyday?
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