Shoe-gasm.... Oooh Antonio Repaci!

Am a shoe fanatic....yes....And these designs by the Italian designer Antonio Repaci just got me drooling!

I have seen various amazing shoe designs....these ones though....spectacular! It is very hard to find a classy shoe designed with character! The creativity on this collection is what caught my eye
See what am refering to?
Speaking with Vogue Italia about this collection,Antonio said....."Mine is an ideological journey “back to the origins”: to the memories of places, populations, legends that have colored with their mythological allure the carefree  years of my youth when I attended high school in Reggio Calabria. An ideal journey into the halls displaying ancient treasures of Museo Nazionale della Magna Grecia in Reggio Calabria and the showcases of the legendary atelier of “mythological” Gianni Versace. 
I created a  capsule collection comprising pumps and sandals conceived around a single structure, featuring 5–inch platforms that show through a clear iconographic reference.

Am so in shoe-haven right now.....

When it comes to shoes,my respect to Italian designers and manufacturing companies goes without saying....

Missie Popular

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