What to Wear at the Mi Casa Concert

So,I received a request to post on what is expected of you,in terms of what to wear...at the Mi Casa concert scheduled for Saturday 23rd,March at Mlimani City.... Well,Let me use "Diamonds Are Forever" concert as an example....since it was a music concert and it took place at the same venue...
 All you need is something that is stylish and makes you feel comfortable...remember the crowd for Mi Casa is totally different from Maisha Club...so,dress up for a classy party
 However,it is a party where Mi Casa is going to perform..THAT does not mean you should dress up for sitting on a lounge and being entertained....dress for a night full of so much fun!
 Jeans and a T shirt for men is not a bad idea...however,I would recommend really good shoes and if possible,a shirt instead of a T shirt...in order to attain that causal yet smart,look
 Something along these lines.....
 Ladies....remember Mi Casa and many other HOUSE MUSIC bands sing a lot of love songs...dress to impress and catch people's attention too...YOU ARE PRETTY, SEXY AND LOVE YOURSELF MUCH
 I am aware that many girls in Dar es Salaam prefers the ULTRA SHORT dresses when going for a party...I say,go ahead...as long as it does not make you look like a hooker or make you uncomfortable.
 Blazers....I don't think this is the place...I know many guys will opt for this look,though
 For those who prefers designer pieces,yes...you can try one. An elegant choice of recent trends like high low, laces, velvet etc...will work magic...

 Regardless of your size,shape,height....go for something you like...especially that outfit that gave you lots of "wooow,you look amazing!".... kinda feedback.
All in all,show your own style, take a leap of faith and all will be well....
These looks are STRICTLY PROHIBITED....lol Just spare yourself some harsh words, stares etc...

I hope that was helpful...Best of luck and looking forward to seeing you there....:)

Missie Popular


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