6 Models Required for Fashion Week Zanzibar.

  6 Models required: Fashion Week Zanzibar is a project founded by the renowned designer  Farouque Abdela ,professional photographer,Javed Jafferji, and Adnan Quetta. It is aimed at showcasing collections from Zanzibar born designers with the presence of other designers from all over the world....and has been sponsored by Mbweni Ruins. At the moment,models are being called for the show....
Fashion Week Zanzibar promotion, calendar shoots and film shoot will take place from 26th April till 28th April. We are looking for models to grace the shoots. If you are interested, please send pictures to us. You can be Face of Fashion Week Zanzibar.

Send to javedjafferji@fashionweekzanzibar.com

Best of luck to you all,models!

Missie Popular


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