From Bongo Black Ball by Khadija Mwanamboka

Introducing "Vitu Vya Khadija" Company that deals with Events and Designing...Tanzanian designer Khadija Mwanamboka organized Bongo Black Ball for the launch. The event was geared at celebrating Tanzanian Music and brought together many of Khadija friends,family and supporters.
Khadija Mwanamboka organized her first event when she was 18 yrs old...launching her first ever fashion collection

We danced to great music from local Ngoma group, Tanzanian Oldies by DJ Peter Moe...Entertaining voice by Mwasiti..and ofcause,the legendary King Kiki was there!

Fellow designers showed up to support Khadija too...

Singer Mwasiti chose to rock the Tanzanian Khanga blazer with matching shoes and black pants

Black was the color of the event...and most of the guests adhered to it!

Diva 2006 fashion shop dressed three ladies that are two of them....

Sarah and hubby Raqey representing! Sarah is also wearing a Diva2006 dress.
Okay...continue to enjoy the different looks from the people who attended the event....
Wema Sepetu went for black and white...almost matching with her manager,Martin

BFF's Myler and Jacque Cliff....

Model Belina Mgeni 9right) with her young sis.... miguu ya bia!

Monica (right) representing Leka Dutigite...a true African woman!

On the right is Nicky,the woman behind Amaya Beauty Salon & Spa...
I went for a Mustafa Hassanali dress with red accessories....

On the right are all THREE ladies dressed by Diva2006

Khadija took pics with almost everyone...kinda felt like it was her birthday...hehehehhe

Besties.....Khadija Mwanamboka and Ally Rehmtullah...Tanzanian designers
I liked the details on this dress...and the way this lady did not add much accessories to it...beautiful!

The young gentlemen were there talking about the three musketeers Rio,Kevin and Noel

Washington Benbela!!! Maaeeennn,this Swahili Fashion Week coordinator looked polished!
The MC of the night was Standup comedian,Evans the way,today is his birthday!! Happy birthday boss...see you tomorrow at the Evans Bukuku Comedy show at Nyumbani Lounge!

The deco of the event and food were all provided by Paco Decor.....
Love the feathers!
Coupled up...Jimmy Kabwe,Salma Msangi and their couples....

Many congrats to you,Khadija! We pray that the market embrace your talents and experience,to provide you with enough work!!

Missie Popular

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  1. Hey nguo alovaa ashura shamte ajavalishwa naa diva 2006 uwe unaandika vitu vyenye uhakika nguo imetoka unique collectionbadili caption yaako