Hassan Maajar Trust and National Housing Corporation Donate Desks to Singida Schools

27th April 2013 - Singida. Over 750 students in Singida District will receive desks from Hassan Maajar Trust in partnership with the National Housing Corporation (NHC).
 Hassan Maajar Trust and National Housing Corporation are donating 264 desks at Munisa Primary School in Singida District. Mr. Shariff Maajar on behalf of the Hassan Maajar Trust chairperson, together with Mr. Nehemiah Mchechu of National Housing Corporation presented the desks to the Regional Commissioner, Dr. Parseko V Kone.
“I would like to thank Hassan Maajar Trust and NHC for their immense support in the education sector, in Singida,” said Dr. Parseko V Kone, Singida RC. “Students in Singida particularly those in the rural settings are often faced with many challenges and the number one is that of poor learning environments and so we really appreciate partners who assist to create better learning conditions for our children. Overcoming some of these challenges and have a conducive learning environment, set standards and encourage better results,” he added.

This donation is the second of five that are facilitated from funds raised by the Hassan Maajar Trust in December 2011 during its Fundraising Gala Dinner. For this particular donation a total of Tsh 22,500,000 of which National Housing contributed Tsh 10,000,000.
“One of our aims is to ensure that no child in Tanzania is learning seating on the floor, ” said Zena M Tenga Executive Director of the Hassan Maajar Trust, “we want to make sure that our campaign ‘A Desk For Every Child’ reaches as many children as we possibly can and build a nation of educated citizens”. “We thank the National Housing Corporation supporting our mission. We will continue to rally the support of all wishing to see our children sitting on desks rather on the floor,” she added.

“We are very pleased to see our contribution transform into these practical desks which the students will now enjoy and be comfortable studying from,” said Mr. Mchechu, Director General NHC. “ NHC and the Hassan Maajar Trust have worked well together to fulfil our mission of contributing to something very vital for these schools and their students,” he added.
Hassan Maajar Trust is a non-profit organization, dedicated towards improving the learning environment in schools by addressing and tackling the national school desk deficit across Tanzania through its “A Desk for Every Child” campaign. Its mission is to provide school desks and other furniture and learning equipment for schools in Tanzania.  For further information visit: www.hassanmaajartrust.org | www.hassanmaajartrust.blogspot.com

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