Madam Wokie Lookbook by Mary-Ann Kai Kai

"Madam Wokie is the name of my great-grand aunt. She was a Paramount Chief of Blama Massaquoi and met the queen in 1961.  Queen Elizabeth gave her a crown! So you know, I wanted to have the whole family history incorporated in the brand name somehow…But from secondary school I would design outfits for friends, and I realized quickly that it was what I wanted to do. The minute I graduated college, I used the money I’d set aside for myself to open this business."
Those are the words of Mary-Ann Kai Kai...the designer behind this she spoke to Vogue Italia.

The reason why I posted this LookBook,besides the beauty of the designs, the fact that,everything about this collection is Searra Leonean! From the weaving of the fabrics,the designer and even manufacturing of these pieces.
Just made me think...If Sierra Leon can produce such high standard clothes,and they are still nursing the aftermaths of the wars....why aren't we doing anything about our Industries? The Chinese President was in town last week and alot was talked about...Is the revival of our manufacturing industries among those? Remember the URAFIKI Industry and all the products it used to manufacture?
We have amazing designers who have captured a big part of Africa with their designs...with a good Tanzanian local manufacturing industry,we can export alot,in terms of fashion! The Khanga and Kitenge outfits worn in Hollywood is enough to tell us,all...

It's April's Fool Day....I hope it is not fool's Day, Tanzania.

Missie Popular


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