Peroni Beer Launched in Tanzania

 Launched in a true Italian style...welcome to Tanzania,Peroni Beer!  true Italian Taste has arrived by the name of Peroni,and yesterday night the invited witnessed it's landing...
 "Am not a beer person but this is great,it doesn't have that bitter after taste like other beers,I like it!" says Dinnah,one of the invited guests
All the way from Italy...Peroni is here and it is Bellissima!!! The Tanzanian "who-is-who" formed a big part of the crowd invited for the launch...I saw Musicians,Models, actors and actresses, media personalities, celebrity name it!
The launch was on point! The re-creation of an Italian street with its beautiful lights,high fashion stores, and the benches for anyone who wants to relax and smell the fresh air...Big up to the organizers for pulling this off...
Making sure we had a true Italian experience,we were entertained by the amazing classics and opera music, fed the best Italian bites in the cultural Aperitivo with an Italian bar
 Here is an Italian street.....
  "This is really amazing,imagine having Peroni with that T-Bonaz BBQ!" bragged George of T-Bonaz after having his first sip of Peroni beer 
Miss Tanzania and Miss East Africa 2012 were there too!
After a great launch speech,our Italian MC (who is quite hoooot) koh koh... well,he lead us into a night full of fireworks! It has been long since i saw such beautiful and so many fireworks in one was spectacular!
  All guests were treated to a great "blue carpet" experience by posing with this Italian masterpiece, the Lamborghini!
 Ambwene Yessaya a.k.a AY with his beautiful date....
 Musician Feza, AY and his date, and the amazing Eskado Bird
  It was a true Italian Experience,indeed! Abdallah Singano pimped it even more with the cigar!

 Guests in white themed costumes,looking as chic as ever

 Imelda and her Bang! Magazine team..

 The amazing Zena Maajar posing with her future ride... ;)

 Aaaaahhhh Gyver...... LaTrend ikikubali tunalichukua

 Thank you Peroni! Musician and quite the dancer,Shaa...looking amazing next to the Lambo

Stay right here as more images come your way... 

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