Tanzanian Pride: Model Aimar Mohammed

Tanzania as any other African country is full of talents especially on the beauty, fashion and style/designs category. There are so many models (both males and females)...operating on both the local and International market. To reach where we are in the fashion Industry,there are certain names that have been there through all the struggles and are still playing a big part.....
 Among those...is Tanzanian long time female model...Aimar Mohammed.
 Aimar has been in the fashion industry for sometime now....walking the runway of fashion shows for almost all legendary designers in Tanzania.

  Now a mother of one...Aimar is still such a great model...as seen here during the 2012 Maridadi show

 There are so many challenges facing the models in Africa...among them being understanding their rights and responsibilities,their roles in the fashion industry...and even when it comes to discovering their ultimate strength....
 However,I believe those challenges have been lessened by these models who have been in the industry for long....from walking on the runway for almost nothing (payments)...to getting packages for various shows...
I appreciate such contributions.....Ladies and Gentlemen...Let me introduce you to Aimar Mohamed.

PS: Young and Upcoming models....Aimar is just one example but there are many other models out there who can help you understand the industry...where it was and how to move it forward.....swallow your prides and get their wisdom....

Missie Popular

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  1. Oh My My Missie, if I were an upcoming model, an advice taken is definite! This is just awesome!!!!! Thank you sana.
    Am now a mother of two. Only skin glowing, body not yet.