Women and Ties

 A tie,in any form, is a man's piece of an outfit. That is undebatable. However,it has become such a trend for women to include atleast one "manly" piece in their outfit,be it a watch, a shirt, loafers, a hat...and that magical tie!
 Women have been seen rocking ties for centuries! Be it as independent items or embroidered on thier dresses and shirts,the tie has been in the female wardrobe for ages!...especially,the bow tie.
 Here are some of the celebrities in Hollywood who have been spotted rocking the tie...my all favorite being Janelle..(first from left)
 You can incorporate the tie in any of your outfits,office and casual...
 Janelle is my favorite celebrity who besides her hair,is known for her love for mixing male items in her costume....and for her,it is not only the tie,she goes to the tuxedo,the shoes....you name it!
 And all the while,she rocks it best!
So,stop feeling shy and add that tie into your wardrobe...yes,you! I have my Babatunde African print tie and many more on the way....what are you waiting for?

Missie Popular


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