A One-On-One with Daxx-Tanzanian Male Model based in South Africa

Ally Hassan a.k.a Daxx is a Tanzanian Male Model based in South Africa,signed to Ice Models Management. We have featured most of his works here on M.P Blog (Magazine spreads,airport banners/billboards,etc)...and now that he is on leave back home,we had a sit down with him for that one-on-one interview. Here is how it went down....
M.P Blog: Welcome back,Daxx....So,what is new?

Daxx: Well well,a lot is. I am back home for at least two weeks with big plans that i want to start working on,plus,i missed my mom,heheheh. 
M.P Blog: Oooooh,Mama's boy! Good for you!...Anyhow,what are these big plans you are talking about? We are dying to know...

Daxx: Ahem! I am planning to move from South Africa and join the USA Modeling Industry...I will be visiting some Agencies in the US starting June- July...That's the big news.
M.P Blog: Sweeeeeeet!! We are proud of you,man! What you have done for just these few months that you have been in SA is amazing...we see the results. Best of luck on the go-see....So,is it a girl that made you change cause? From SA to USA?

Daxx; hahahahahah,M.P na wewe! Anyways,not really. I had plans of joining the USA industry for a long time now,but i needed somewhere to start from,South Africa was a great choice and chance. But again,your wifi plays a part on that decision too,she lives in the US.
M.P Blog: Talking about our wifi,when are we going to see her? You have been hiding her alot,Daxx!

Daxx: (chuckles)...ooooh okay...Ammm,well,I used to post pictures of her of facebook and people used to attack her alot,that's why i stopped. But soon she will be seen on M.P Blog 
M.P Blog: Fantastic!...We will be honored...By the way,you might have seen the trends nowdays,everyone think they are models,designers or bloggers. What assistance are you giving Tanzanian models so they can reach your success?

Daxx: Ooooh,i have been contacted by so many "upcoming models"...it's crazy! However,there are those models that are great with amazing bodies and unique looks and i have talked to some of them. The problem with Tanzanian male models is LACK OF SERIOUSNESS. I even guaranteed support to some so they can start exploring opportunities in South Africa,but none has taken it seriously. Chances are there and any model who is really serious about the industry,am ready to assist.
M.P Blog: I like your sneakers by the way....which brand is that?

Daxx: hahahah,thanks. Well,I can't advertise the brand because they don't pay me BUT,I am coming up with the Daxx Sneakers brand very soon! Am talking withing three to five months,something major from Daxx will hit the market, you will like it!
M.P Blog: You are a very handsome man,you know that? Is that the reason why you got accepted and assigned big jobs in South Africa?

Daxx: ooooh,thank you. The Kigoma blood is quite amazing,hahahahah!  Well,what sells in the modeling industry is uniqueness,and when i auditioned for Ice Models they told me directly,they didn't have my look and it was something unique that they wanted. This is also the reason why i get to do alot of advertising jobs in South Africa,unique look.
M.P Blog: Oooooh unique indeed!Leka Dutigiteeee... We hope the US market will embrace you that way too,so you can join our girl Flaviana Matata. By the way,what do you think of her work?

Daxx: That girl is amazing! I have much respect for Flavvy...One day i was just passing by a mall in SA and baaaang! there she was,on that Truworths advert....She is young and doing big things,quite an inspiration.
M.P Blog: After experiencing the industry outside of Tanzania,what do you wish would change in our fashion industry,for models?

Daxx: More pay,respect of the job, and professionalism. We improve on those and the industry will grow.

M.P Blog: Okay,what is the last thing you would like to communicate to your fans and supporters.

Daxx: Thank you M.P...first of all,Am sorry the Daxx blog is not well updated,I will be back with something good. To all models,do not be afraid to try getting out there. There are so many opportunities,especially if you know you have the looks and you are at least 23years old and above... The best time is NOW. 

M.P Blog: Thank you Daxx,it's an honor to have you on M.P Blog...don't forget to send us our cheque though...hheheheh. Best of luck dear,keep representing Tanzania.

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