From MET 2013 Red Carpet Looks

 Kim Kardashian went floral like that bathroom wallpaper...from the dress to matching shoes...damn! Pregnancy can really kill your style! Wait a minute,where is Kim's hand?
 This is just awful! Anyways...look at Ms Perry below,now THAT is the definition of Punk;Chaos in Couture!
 I definitely like the look...from the religious controversy it the length of the dress
 Kristen Stewart was ....well,Kristen. Nothing new there...
 Above and Below: Jenifer Lopez and Solange Knowles looked couture elegant...

 Jeniffer Lawrence looked stunning in her black number...
 Nicki Minaj! She overshadowed Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and many other fashionistaz on that red carpet!
 Anne Hathaway and Kerry Washington are my favorites,so far....Anne's hairstyle, Kerry's dress...The details on their hands...just chaotic couture!

 Miley Cyrus sexed up well! That hair is soooo Punk...beautiful!
And here comes the couture beauty...Taylor Swift embraced the theme to the core!

Missie Popular

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