TWO HOT DALTONICS was Born during the warm winter of 2010 and is an experience joined by Vito Mannarini (guitar) and Giuseppe Pascucci (guitar), two artists who come from different musical backgrounds. Vito Mannarini graduated in classic guitar in 2008 with merit at the “N. Piccinini” Conservatory in Bari. Giuseppe Pascucci started playing the guitar at 14 and has a different background. He is a self taught instrumentalist, he studied briefly with Marco Mannarino, through which he found the passion for improvisation and jazz. At the end of 2009 Vito Mannarini discovered the art of improvisation that pushed him to form with fellow guitar player Giuseppe Pascucci the project TWO HOT DALTONICS, with which he explored the jazz sounds of the beginning of the 20th century. It is through this interest that they studied in depth that period of time when jazz music was just starting and artists such as “Fats” Waller, “Jelly Roll” Morton up to the music  of T. Monk.
Thanks to the variety of their repertoire, they played in different venues, music festivals, radio programs and book readings. “To play music” is the best expression to understand the way they approach music, making each song different and new every time, while enjoying every single note for our and all the audience’s pleasure
The Embassy of Italy is organazing a Charity Concert on 7th May 2013 at the Golden Tulip Hotel with a group called " TWO HOT DALTONICS" from ItalyThe funds raised shall be donated to the St. Gaspar Refferal Hospital of Itigi, Singida region..
The two artistes Vito Mannarini and Giuseppe Pascucci from Italy will perform during the concert. “we are very happy to be In Tanzania for the first time and be part of this noble project” said Vito Mannarini
The Hospital urgently needs a new Operating Table for the Operation Theater as the old one is broken. The new Operating table which costs to the tunes of Usd 15,000 will serve about 600 patients annually who receive major operation and 900 patients annually who receive minor operation at the Hospital.
The Hospital urgently needs a new Operating Table for the Operation Theater as the old one is broken. The new Operating table which costs to the tunes of Usd 15,000 will serve about 600 patients annually who receive major operation and 900 patients annually who receive minor operation at the Hospital.
“We look forward to the Support from the public to attend this concert and get to know the sights and sound of Italy which at the end will benefit the people in Singida region” stated the ambassador Mr. Perluigi Velardi. The tickets for the charity Concert is pegged at Tzs 70,000 and is available from the Embassy of Italy and Golden Tulip Hotel.   The event is sponsored by Golden Tulip Hotel, Egypt Air, Advertising Dar, Dar Life, Cetawico, Dar Guide, Eventlites and 361 Degrees

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