PSJ Couture 2013 Collection

PSJ Couture,a brand by Tanzanian model Pedaiah Swank John....
With the use of such urban charming prints of colorful yet distinctive patterns,this brand is taking over the streets as we ...well,as i write this post :)
I have witnessed the attention one gets while rocking one of these pants...worse when it is matched up with the great gentlemanly's sensational! For those who were at Peroni Jazz Sunday at Velisa's,you know what am talking about...
Taking sometime through facebook and what do i see?! A topic on the PSJ Couture brand! I like how catchy the prints used are...more so that,even though their are loud prints,the blend makes it so calm and elegant!
In case you are intersted to give it a try...Pedaiah is all ready to take your orders.....

Drop him an email at

Missie Popular


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