Style Boost your Phone with Style Mobile

Our phones have now become a big part of our style and fashion items,just like other accessories. We like covering them in stylish designs, leather, studs,even with gem stones....Well,in case you saw someone with a great phone cover and was wondering how to get that facility in Dar es Salaam...this is for you.
 Style Mobile owned by Caroline and Margaritha is one place for you to get all that you need,to style up your phone....

 Whatever your personality, work, mood,and fashion style...they can get all you need.

 All you need is to give your order to them through +255 778 490 688 and they will take care of the rest.
 Their prices are very affordable...I saw some covers going for up to 12,000Tshs....imagine!

If you need one or you are an addict like the one above...well,give Caroline and Margaritha a call,NOW... You can also visit their facebook page StyleMobile or follow them on Instagram with the same name....Style Mobile.

Thank me later,

Missie Popular


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