Towards Kili Music Awards-What to Wear

So,one of the best Readers of M.P talking about Lu.....has asked if we could talk about what to wear during the coming Kili Music Awards...a heads-up before we start enjoying the mess many make on red carpet... Here is a little something...I hope it will help...
So,judging from recent events of the past few weeks/days...colors are still IN,for the red carpet looks. Take an example of the ongoing Cannes Film Festival,shades of Blue,Pink, name it! That is,if you know and you are sure you look great in bold colors,then go for it!
For those in couples....dear celebrity couples...try as much as you can,to have outfits that compliment each other. Using the lady's dress as a referral point will work best,so that the man's outfit can have at least one item that compliments the partner's look.(She wears a White dress,he wears a Grey suit,with a white shirt...perfecto!)

Moreover....we have seen the Floral Mania that is going around now...and since the rainy season just ended and the sun is back up...why not go Spring all over Kili Music Awards!!!...Caution: Remember the Kim Kardashian debacle....tone it down a notch,please.

For the gentlemen...well,it's simple! Get that well-fitting suit...or trousers with not-matching blazer....great shoes,a nice shave and maybe,a bow tie and ofcause,the watch...DONE!

 Oooopss...I almost forgot. There are those who prefer to go the normal easy route...those who fear experimenting on the red carpet...this is for you. Metallic dresses (silver/gold) are still on trend...You can also go for that White,Black or Red dress....they always work.

 If you have noticed,all the dresses i have put are LONG ELEGANT DRESSES....Not a cocktail dress,not a mini skirt, not a pair of Jeans etc.... This is Kili Music Awards we are talking about...Let's try to give it the CLASS it deserves...well,at least fashionwise......
 For men,I know many of you prefer that simple look...In case you chose to wear your pair of jeans...Please make it clean and with class.Chris Brown says it all,in this look
Unless you are on the stage performing...I pray we will not see these kinda looks on the red carpet....Not only the meshy nets,BUT any look of this kind....

Well,in case you don't know where to get the dresses or the proper look you have in me through and we will work magic for you.

Missie Popular

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  1. YES!!! Thank you so much love, this post really helped me.. See you then :)