Weekend Candy-Taye Diggs

For movie and series lovers...you definitely know this guy....Mostly remembered as Dr. Bennett due to his character played in Private Practice TV Series,Taye Diggs is among the handsome Black American actors that get the ladies screaming. Today i bring him on M.P blog mainly for one thing....his bald head.
Taye used to rock hair on his head...and trust me,he wasn't as pretty as now. Main reason being,his hairline was not as full as he would like it to be...in other words,he had all signs of going bald,early.
So,what did he decide to do?! He went bald and owned the look...and we fell in love with him,even more....
This is special for my male readers....If you are uncomfortable with your hair...be experimental...that way,you can be able to find the right hairstyle that brings out your features,and make you feel comfortable with yourself
All in all...have confidence in yourself.....after all,that is what attracts ladies in the first place :))
Ooopps...before i forget...Taye Diggs is a father to this amazing kid...and this is one of his latest works,together with one campaign he keeps referring to... The Chocolate Me

Missie Popular


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