Yoga for Beginners

As I promised,this weekend is dedicated to inspire you to get into shape...and this is specific for those who hates the gym BUT are still interested to workout from home....I hope you have heard of the word YOGA,before....This is the best way to excercise from home,at your own pace....Below are simple begginer poses that you can start with....just stretch your body and burn calories in style
Dedicate atleast an hour everyday morning or evening....
This process helps you burn calories,tone your body and stay healthy

You can thank me later....

Missie Popular

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  1. By unifying movement and breathing like this, the effectiveness is amplified. In general, then, what you do is perform movements that involve using steady strength or you make large movements as you breathe in; then you release a posture or bring a movement back to its original position as you breathe out.