Behind the Scenes of the Kili Awards coverage

This year,M.P Blog brought you the intense coverage from almost all angles of the Kili Tanzania Music Awards 2013. 
You have seen the red carpet images...if you are following us on Twitter,Instagram and on our Facebook were updated on all that went down,in terms of awards and performances
And here are some of the behind the scene images of stars,the awards,interviews...etc

As I went on the frontline for the red carpet looks,I had two amazing individuals assisting me to cover social media and behind the scenes
M.P and Shamim...bloggers at work...
Many thanks to Ewe (in Babatunde hat)...who covered the behind the scenes...
And mad respect to Lillian who covered the social media updates. This young lady is amazing! ... I think M.P Family has just found someone to join us... :))

If you had fun through this event,it wouldn't have been possible without the help of these two...

Thank you all for supporting M.P Blog

Missie Popular


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